Healing Sessions


Spiritual Healing Methods and Healing Sessions

I love to do personal sessions and I offer a limited number every month.

As an intuitive healer, I connect with you and your energy during a session.

As a therapist, I stand on a solid foundation of cutting-edge
spiritual healing methods
and modalities:
Clinical , level, Programming, and they work well. Still, some years ago, I asked the Divine for an even more potent healing system to help my clients even faster and better and I received it when I was in meditation.

Let me introduce my own spiritual healing modality to you, the

Multi Level Transformation System

A super-charged form of healing that consists of several spiritual healing methods: Dynamic Energy Therapy, Alpha Healing, Internal Mind Movie Therapy, and Spiritual Energy Transformation to quickly transform the physical, mental, and emotional blocks/stresses/traumas you may be experiencing keeping you from creating your greatest life’s vision.

The key to why the Multi Level Transformation System is so potent is that all healing is done from the .

Sessions are enjoyable and heartfelt. Expect to experience joyful bursts of laughter, releasing of tears, relaxation, peace, gratitude and a sense of deeper connection during the session. Most of all, you will notice positive shifts in your life.

All this is easily done using telephone or audio/video Skype.

 Healing Therapist Brigitte Novalis and Spiritual Healing Methods

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