Harmony or Conflict – What Do You Want?

Who wants harmony in life?  You and you and I, right?  How many of us experience conflict instead?  You and you and I, right?

If you live your life mainly in harmony and have just some conflicts once in a while, you are in a good place.  Why?  When you notice the contrast between the conflict you experience and the harmony you want to live instead, this contrast gives you the opportunity and the drive to move in the direction of harmony.  This moving in the right direction is how we evolve.  It is necessary and also a pleasure.

If you experience just a little harmony here and there and a lot of conflict, you can still move in the direction of harmony but it is a lot more challenging.  You are, however, still in a good place.

But if you believe that harmony is unattainable for you as you live in a chaotic world, and that there is nothing you can do about it, you create a difficult and painful life for yourself.  The good news is that you can still move in the direction of harmony.  How?

With the help of nature.  There are millions of ways nature can help you to find harmony and inner peace.  One of them is bringing forth flowers and leaves.

Look at these beautiful plants, at their well-shaped leaves.  If you have ever touched such leaves, you remember how soft and plush and strong they are.  Look at how these leaves have grown around their center in such harmony and beauty.  All of them slightly different, all of them harmonious.

Are you not in awe of nature?  Are you not in awe of harmony in nature?  Do you remember that you are also part of nature?

Even if we have created so much conflict on earth – don’t you see that we share with nature the capability of harmony?