Grateful For Your Glass Windows?

Most people have glass windows in their home.  They allow light and images to come into your home.  They also shield you from the rain and wind, cold and heat outside of your home.  Are you grateful for your glass windows?

You might think: “Silly, who is ever grateful for their glass windows?  Glass windows belong to our modern life style.  Nothing special about them.”  Is that really so?

So often we become blind and deaf to the small miracles of life because we are so used to having them in our lives.

When did glass windows come into our lives?  The Romans were the first known to use glass for windows ca. 100 CE . These mullioned glass windows which joined multiple small pieces of glass with leading were used by the rich Europeans in the following centuries.  In China, Korea, and Japan people used paper windows.  It’s only in the 17th century that glass windows became common in ordinary homes in Europe and America thanks to the ingenuity of engineers and the initiatives of manufacturers.

Those of you whose homes were damaged by storms and floods know how precious intact glass windows are!

Today you can sit leisurely by your window – whether it storms or rains – look out and feel snug inside.  Look around and feel gratitude for your glass windows, the walls of your house, the roof, the doors, your bed, and your stove.  Be grateful for every comfort in your life.  They are precious gifts.

Be grateful for your glass windows!