Golden Treasures of Nature

Years ago, when I was in Rome, at the Vatican, I walked through halls filled with golden treasures.  Crowns of gold, heavy necklaces of gold, plates and goblets of gold and even statues of gold – witnesses of immense wealth and power.  You might think that such rooms of golden treasures would be light and golden – but no.  You don’t need to be a spiritual healer to feel that the energy in these rooms is grey and heavy like lead.  I hurried to get out of there.

Fortunately, there are other treasures of gold all round us – the golden treasure of nature.  Not in all seasons, but once a year the leaves of our magnificent trees turn golden for us to enjoy.

These golden treasures don’t buy things you want to have but they give you things you cannot buy with gold or money.

When you admire the golden beauty of these leaves, you are uplifted.  You might even feel that you are a thread in the rich and colorful tapestry of life*.

Right now these leaves are golden but you know that the leaves will not stay as they are.  Their golden beauty will fade.  Soon they will fall and enrich the soil.  When winter comes, there are already small hard buds on bushes and trees which will burst open in spring.  Fresh green leaves will come out of them.  They will grow and turn gold – or red or purple – in fall again.

You, too, are part of the cycles of life.  Every morning, when you wake up, you are given a new day.  If you think the same dreary old thoughts, your day might be dreary as the day before.  But the cycles continue.  There will be another morning with the promise of joy.  If you open up for the golden treasures in nature and the golden treasures of your heart, the small hard buds of your joy and freedom and love might burst open and you experience a rich golden day.

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