Four-Leaved Clovers are the Best Good-Luck Charms, Right?

At least, that is what we believed when we were children. If you were lucky enough to own a horseshoe, you were envied by others. If you did not own a horseshoe, you were still considered lucky if you had found the tooth of a cow because cows are also admirable animals. It was also auspicious to meet the chimney sweep in his black soot covered suit, better still, to touch him but not every one of us could muster such courage.

The best good-luck charm was, of course, the four-leaved clover. Everyone in his right mind agrees to that fact. They were not easy to find, though. We were better off in this respect than kids in the city but although our small town was surrounded by meadows and orchards and pastures with many clovers – the small yellow ones and the larger red ones – most of them grew only three leaves. Nothing special.

But clovers with four leaves are rare, special, and auspicious as everyone knows, right? You were fortunate if you found one among the hundreds and thousands of grasses and herbs that grow in a meadow. Fortunate indeed.

There were days during our sunny, seemingly endless summer vacation when we searched for them with enthusiasm. If you found such a rare four-leaved clover, you could expect good things to happen.

And they happened!

Your mother cooked your favorite dish. Your grandparents invited you for ice-cream. The neighbor’s cat walked right up to you and let you pet her. After a good rain the sun came out just when you decided to go outside and play. The list of lucky incidents was long.

The best thing was that as the proud owner of such a good-luck charm you looked out for good things. So they happened. You have to look out for good things so that they can happen. I hope you know that.

Whether you own a four-leaved clover as a good-luck charm or not – look out for good things so that they can happen for you.




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