Forces of Nature

When you hear the words “forces of nature” you probably think of thunderstorms or blizzards, earthquakes or waterfalls like the gigantic Niagara Falls, below.

In this picture, you see masses of water as they rush down the rocks of the Niagara Falls incessantly, second by second, year after year.  Huge masses of water or thunderous noise – that is what we usually associate with “forces of nature”.

Notice the small green plants which grow on the steps of the Niagara Falls. No-one planted them.  No-one expected them to grow there – but they do.  The wind blew some grains of sand and soil there along with some seeds.  The seeds sprouted, developed small roots, stems and leafs. Life, this powerful force  of nature, holds on to this small habitat, gently and persistently.

Life holds on to YOU as well.  Whether you are gigantic or small, life holds on to you.  Whether you think that you are important or insignificant, life holds on to you.

As plants germinate and grow, so you are growing and developing.  As you pay attention to your spiritual development you become a benevolent force of nature yourself.