Follow the Path of Your Heart

Do you always know which way to go?  Which direction to take in what seems to be the jungle of life?  So many possibilities are there in front of you.  What if you take this direction and it leads you to sadness and loss?  Or what if you follow that path and it might lead you to bitterness and disappointment?  Who knows which way is the best?  Who knows which direction will lead you to joy and fulfillment?  Who knows?  Who knows?

Your heart knows.  You could also say that your intuition knows.  It is also valid to say that your soul  knows.  The words don’t matter.  The understanding does.

This inner voice will nudge you on your path, a path similar to the one you see here.  There is a lush green meadow.  There are also high trees which give you shadow as you walk along that path.  The path leads straight ahead.  Straight into the sunshine where you wish to be.  So, follow the path of your heart!

On the other hand, it’s an ordinary path, walked by ordinary people.  Nothing fancy about it.  Your path is ordinary.  You live an ordinary life on our ordinary earth.  But when you develop your inner ears to listen to the soft voice of your heart you will find that this ordinary life is at the same time a most amazing, beautiful and abundant life.

How do you develop your inner ears?  Through meditation.  Through stillness.  Through the desire to understand.  You might even let “The Magic of Inner Silence” help you to develop your inner senses.

The good news is that there are many good paths.  You have a safe journey when you follow the path of your heart which will lead you to trust, joy, inner peace, the fulfillment of your desires and eventually to your personal transformation.