First of all – a cup of tea

My friend Betty, a Scottish lady of my parents’ generation, was an elegant and remarkable woman.  She was kind and lively, interesting and artistic – a great painter. Most of all, I love her serenity. I write “I love her” intentionally because I love her still.

When problems arose, she stayed calm.  When I thought “what a disaster,” she would say: “First of all – a cup of tea.”

Secretly I thought: “How will that help us in THIS situation?”  But I went along with tea preparation, we all did.  Funny enough, when she poured the hot tea into our cups and we started drinking the tea, miraculously the situation did not seem so gloomy after all. And most of the time, we found good solutions.

In those days, I wondered why. Was it the time we spent preparing the tea and getting the tea pot and cups out? Was it the fact that we thought of something else instead of the difficult situation?  Maybe a bit of both. Today I also think that the small tea ceremony in itself had some calming effect on us.  Ceremonies can do that, you know.

What about you?  What about a cup of tea once in a while? What about a cup of tea when you have to make decisions?  Or when you got bad news?

Would you like to do that?  Would you say: “First of all – a cup of tea.”?

If you do – congratulations!  You start a new way of mastering your life!

Actually, when I think of this little tea ceremony I don’t think of pouring some boiling water into a big heavy mug and add a tea bag.  A little bit of elegance makes life brighter, don’t you think?

So get your good china out or buy some for such occasions.  Treat yourself well. Start a new ceremony with the intention: “First of all – a cup of tea.”


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