First Day of Spring and Yet it Snows

First day of spring and yet it snows – at least in my part of the world. There is frost in the air and snow on the ground and the grey clouds are snow laden.  It’s still winter.  Or perhaps notAs I take a closer look at the snow under my birch tree I notice snowdrops, early messengers of spring.

So spring is arriving after all?       I cannot help smiling as I think of spring and flowers and bird song.       I remember now that I heard some birds twittering a few days ago.

I also know that all seasons are good and important.  Knowing this, I can honor winter and still look forward to spring.

I have choices just as you have choices.  Think about it – you can choose how you want to look at things.  You can look at things with disdain and criticism or with acceptance and even love.  Guess which kind of attitude makes you happier!

Sometimes your life looks and feels cold, even frozen.  Your hopes and wishes seem to be stuck in the frozen soil of your mind.  No flowers grow out of it. No birds twitter for you.

Take heart! Make changes happen. In your heart and mind create pictures, sounds, and feelings of wishes fulfilled.  They will emerge, just keep going.

Even though on the first day of spring it is still snowing, snowdrops look out of the snow. Birds twitter here and there. Your wishes and desires prepare to be born.

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