Fighting Like Cats and Dogs

Is this saying true?  Are cats and dogs destined by nature to fight with each other? Yes?  No?  What do you think?

Is it true that there are times when cats and dogs fight?  Yes. Do you know why they fight?

One of the reasons is that cats and dogs express themselves differently.  When a dog waves his tail that means that he likes you, feels comfortable.  When a cat waves her tail, it means that you should be on your guard. If we don’t know how to interpret such simple gestures we misunderstand the animal. Cats and dogs can also misunderstand each other’s behavior.

Another reason is that some people raise and treat their animal companions with disrespect and lack of love.  That is also true for the way they treat their children. In both cases they create anger and hostility in their children or animal companions.

Some people teach their dogs to chase cats.  They might also raise their children to be bullies.

In a pleasant world, however, in a world where you and I want to live, we treat our children, animals and people in general with respect and kindness.  As a result we live in harmony with each other, like this dog and this cat.

When you look at the political arena, you see populations, even nations, fighting like cats and dogs.  Worse, they seem to fight to the finish.

Whatever for? They have different behaviors, customs and religions. They express themselves differently – as cats and dogs do. Don’t you think that they can also make peace with each other – as cats and dogs do?

If we look beyond our differences, we find what we have in common. We are all human beings who want to do the right things.  We all are human beings who want to live well and who want to be appreciated.

Today, we can start being respectful and kind to all beings we encounter, people and animals alike. 

Today, we can also think of those who are fighting like cats and dogs with kindness and respect, hoping that they find peace – because thoughts are powerful.


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