Fairy Tales

In the mountains, far from here, a young man lives alone, tending his garden and crops, wishing that he had a friend to speak to.

Then one day he picks a particularly beautiful apple from his tree and is astounded to find that it can talk.  With his wishes fulfilled, the young man develops a friendship with the magical apple. His life seems to be at peace, until one night a storm sweeps through the valley and destroys his home.

With nothing left to keep him there, he embarks on a journey which takes him down the mountain and into the plain, until he comes upon a mysterious castle where a princess of glass is hidden in an old oaken cabinet.

The young man knows that she must be saved, but the dangers he will have to face in order to do so will lead him to the toughest decision of his life.

This story of magic and adventure, loyalty and love enchants children and adults alike.

Apple, My Friend