Ever Seen a Judgmental Horse?

Ever seen a criticizing cat? No, being judgmental and prone to criticism seems to be the domain of us dear human beings.

We smugly call ourselves “the crown of creation”, at least on planet earth.  Are we really?

Look at this . Let’s say she is a mare. She looks out of her door with interest. Maybe she waits for her human to take her out for a ride. Maybe she is just interested in what is happening outside her pen. As you take a closer look at this horse, notice that there is no judgment, no criticizing, no malice in her face. Just innocent interest.

Would you like to be like this horse in this respect? Would you like to look out into your world with such innocent interest?  Without constantly comparing yourself with others, trying to find out if you are better or worse than them? Or do you want to always be in competition with others? Expecting praise or criticism with each encounter? Always on your guard? Haunted by your own inner demons of fear?

Wouldn’t it be a relief to just let go of the need to compare, judge or – even worse – condemn? By the way, it does not really matter if you criticize yourself or others. Any criticism hurts YOU.

You can return to innocence and joy. Do you know that? You would like to do that but don’t know how?

One way to get there is to calm your mind and live in the moment.

Another way – and they are related to each other – is to love and accept yourself and your life.

Now, this joyful innocence is not achieved over night but you can start right here and now, taking a step at a time.

When you take these steps often enough you will notice how you are changing. With a smile you will remember this blog and the fact that you have never seen a judgmental horse.



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