Enjoying Breakfast and Savoring It?

How do you “break your fast” after the night? Do you skip it because you are in a hurry to get to work? Do you at least pick up coffee on the go in one of the coffee shops? Or do you enjoy breakfast and savor it?

Breakfast – like many others things – is a way of expressing yourself. How do you live your life? In a hurry? Under stress? Or with ease? Maybe even with grace?

People around the world have their own way of breakfasting.

If you lived in Tokyo you might have rice, small amounts of cooked/grilled fish, and pickled vegetables for breakfast. In Beijing you might choose egg pancakes. In Cairo you might eat a fried bean sandwich or cooked beans with olive oil, lemon and garlic. In Central Arabia your favorite meal to start the day might be “hunayua”, a dish of ground dates with butter and semolina, flavored with cardamom.

breakfast with bread

In Berlin you might enjoy a breakfast of assorted breads, light and dark, topped with cold cut specialties or jams, with a soft boiled egg and fruit.

If you enjoy the traditional full English breakfast you might have bacon, fried eggs, grilled tomatoes, toast with butter, sausages, and baked beans, with a mug of tea.

In some countries, breakfasts are not a huge affair. In Paris you would be content with a croissant or a fresh baguette with jam together with “café au lait” (coffee with hot milk). In Buenos Aires, the “Paris” of Latin America, you would have croissants with “cafe-au-latte”, and in Rome bread or rolls, butter, and jam with “caffe e latte.”

So many different ways of having breakfast. So many different ways of living your life because HOW you have breakfast shows how you live your life. In a hurry? Under stress? Or with ease? Maybe even with grace?

Regardless of where you are and what you have for breakfast, the question is still – are you enjoying breakfast and savoring it?

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