Embarrassed When You Are Praised?

Does this ever happen to you? Isn’t that a funny reaction? To be embarrassed when you are praised?

Here you are with people who acknowledge you. They understand that  your actions are of value. They are willing to praise you for your accomplishment and success – and instead of feeling good about it, you are embarrassed. When you think about this, does it make sense? No.

embarrasse when you are praisedThat’s the key – “when you think about it.” But often you don’t think about it. The automatic reaction from your subconscious mind is so quick and strong that you react before you can think.

So, what’s going on when you get embarrassed when you are praised? Why does the subconscious react that way?

Most of the time, there is a lack of self-love at the bottom of this automatic reaction. Even if you consciously think that you are a good and valuable person (and you are) – there might be a belief in you that says you are not good and valuable. Where does such a belief come from?

From criticism. When your parents, siblings or teachers criticized you as a child, you internalized this criticism and started believing that you are not good enough. Later in life, maybe you kept criticizing yourself, sometimes even harsher than others criticized you.

When you criticize yourself (or others, by the way), you lose life energy as if you slash at yourself with a knife. When you slash at yourself with a knife, you lose blood. When you criticize yourself, you lose life energy.

You might think: “So what? It does not matter. I cannot see or feel my life energy anyway.” Well, with lots of life energy you are confident, happy, healthy, and successful. Worthwhile, right?

What can you do to stop criticizing yourself and becoming embarrassed when you are praised?

Praise yourself for every little accomplishment during the day. Praise yourself and be sincere about it.  Be kind to yourself.

As you praise yourself, you build up self-love and self-esteem. When you have it, you will be at ease and no longer be embarrassed when you are praised. 

Brigitte Novalis, healer, therapist, author of “Finding Love” and “The Magic of Inner Silence






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