Easter Bunny Mystery

It‘s a mystery, isn’t it?  I mean the mystery where the Easter Bunny gets his eggs and how he is able to distribute them to so many children.  You wondered about it when you were little, right? Maybe you still do?

When our family went for an early morning Easter walk into the fields and meadows nearby, everyone, including the dog that was on the leash so as not to disturb the Easter Bunny were eager. The children looked under bushes and behind hassocks for Easter eggs, and miraculously they found them!

What wonderful surprises! What a mystery!  Yes, we all watched some rabbits running and jumping around but did they really drop these eggs?  One of them must have been the Easter Bunny, right?  Fancy that!


Gratefully, the children accepted these gifts. The fact that they did not exactly know where they came from made these Easter eggs even more precious.

Now, although you are grown up, the Easter Bunny mystery is still alive for you. Still life gives you many gifts.

Sometimes it’s a family member or friend who gives you what you have wished for secretly. Sometimes it’s an unknown person who helps you in a difficult situation and you don’t know exactly how and why this happens.

Accept these gifts gratefully! The joy lies in your grateful acceptance. You don’t have to know the “whys” and “hows”.

Just enjoy the Easter Bunny mystery!

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