Drifting Apart

Some of you live in a committed relationship, some of you live alone, some of you have family and friends close by, some of you walk through life all by yourselves. Regardless how many people there are in your life, there might be times when you feel .

does not depend on outer circumstances. is an emotional state. The feeling of loneliness belongs to the deepest pains in humanity and is felt by everyone, young and old, at least at times.

When you feel lonely, you may even drift apart from those who love you because you project this feeling of loneliness to those around you. They feel it and react to it, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. As the Law of Attraction says: “Like attracts like.”

Fortunately, you can heal this feeling of loneliness. As a healer and therapist I have helped many people step away from loneliness and and joy in their hearts and lives. That’s why I have written the book “How to Overcome Loneliness”.

As you follow the techniques of this book, you start changing your life. If you are sensitive enough you will feel the high energy of this book. Just by reading and re-reading some passages, you will feel better right away.

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