December – Christmas Approaching

For most of us, December is the month of happy expectations where we look forward to Christmas or other wonderful holidays we celebrate in December.

Pleasant memories arise in us of festive celebrations in December with family and friends – memories of candles and adorned fir trees, singing and playing, gifts and good food, love and warmth.  So warm and bright inside the house, so cold outside.  Some of you might be singing along with the song: “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas”.  So good to share Advent in December with people all around the globe, right?

Is this not a beautiful picture of a flower and its lush leaves in December? “No, Brigitte, you are mistaken!  These flowers flourish in summer, not in December!” I hear you say.  True, if you live in my part of the world but what about the hot and humid December days of tropical countries?  Or the hot and dry December days of desert countries?  For people living in these countries, festive December holidays look very different from ours, don’t you agree?

So, the climate might be different and the houses people live in might be different and the way they celebrate might be different – but apart from that, they all look forward to Christmas or other festive celebrations in December, right?

Is that really true? Do people around the world celebrate along with us in December?  What about those who live in war zones? Or what about those who have poor shelter, not enough food, no expectations?  What about those who don’t even know about these holidays? Can they celebrate at all?

“Okay,” I hear you say, “obviously it’s ONLY possible to celebrate when you live in comfortable circumstances.”  Not entirely true.  You might live in war zones and celebrate the new morning because you and your loved ones are still alive.  You might share poor shelter with your friends and celebrate the new day because you are still healthy and able to share some comfort and food with each other.  You can celebrate this new morning, this new day in December (or any other month) fervently, gratefully, devotedly under all circumstances.  It’s the heart that matters.

If you live in comfortable circumstances – enjoy December, this month of happy expectations.  Prepare your home lightheartedly to be a beautiful place of celebration – adorn, cook, bake, shop, write cards or emails, listen to music, sing along, be happy, be grateful, be loving.