Behind the Mirror – What Do You See?

When you look in the mirror with your physical eyes, what do you see? An old face? A young face? A smile? A frown?

When you look behind the mirror – what do you see?

Maybe you are asking yourself right now what I mean by “looking behind the mirror”. How do you go about it? You look at yourself with your heart’s vision, with your intuition. It needs some practice to do this but you can look “behind the mirror” if you want to and are willing to learn. Everybody has this ability. It just lies dormant until you practice it.

Imagine looking at yourself in a mirror, and you do so with your eyes closed. If you desire to look behind the mirror – at YOU – you will get some impressions about yourself, mostly impressions that you feel as an emotion or several emotions.

What do you see? Sadness? If so, love and cheer yourself up! Make yourself smile. If you “see” anger, ask yourself what you are angry about. Most of all time you might be angry because a situation did not turn out as you may have wanted. Don’t hold on to anger but rather accept that you have created the situation, if not consciously then subconsciously. When you accept this fact, you own it and can make the changes in YOU which will eventually bring the results you desire.

If you “see” a certain meanness and selfishness, you have work to do. Of course, only if you wish to live a life worth living. You can “work” on selfishness and meanness by yourself, however that takes a long time. You can shorten the time of transformation by working with a hypnotherapist and such as myself or with any other person who can provide love and wisdom.

When you learn how to look behind the mirror, you eventually look through the layers of your personality. Then you notice something beautiful.

When you look through all the layers of your personality, what you see is the divine energy that you are.

Behind the mirror – that is what you see.


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