Beauty of Apple Blossoms

Spring is here in my part of the world with its richness and splendor – birdsong and balmy air, new leafs and grass blades, flowers and blossoms. The apple tree in my garden is in full bloom. Have you ever admired the beauty of apple blossoms?

We could just be grateful for the beauty of the apple blossoms – I am. Still, they have more to offer. They bring us delicious apples in fall. Out of these beautiful apple blossoms come these green, yellow, or red apples which taste so good and are so healthy for us to eat.

For the apples to grow there are many benevolent forces working together – rain and wind, moonlight and sunshine, warmth and bees. Don’t forget the bees! They are important in the fabric of nature.

You might say that at the ‘beginning of apples’ there was the beauty of blossoms.

At the ‘beginning of people’ there is also beauty. Look at young children – they are all beautiful. Then, as they grow older, some of them change. Their eyes don’t sparkle with enthusiasm any longer but look into the world with guile. Their lips don’t smile with true affection any more but get pressed together with bitterness.

What can you do to change that?

You cannot change others but you can change yourself. What you think and feel does not stay in your head but radiates out of you into the world. The kinder and wiser you become, the greater your positive influence becomes. You can become one of the benevolent forces which help the human apple blossoms grow into beautiful apples. Your vision of a generous world with opportunities for all can be the rain and wind they need. Your love and joy can be the moonlight and sunshine that let them grow to be what they are meant to be – beautiful, wonderful people.

It is amazing, is it not, that we have so much in common with the beautiful apple blossoms?


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