Beauty is Everywhere. You Only Have to Find It

Who doesn’t like to see beauty?  Beauty in people, animals, landscapes, gardens, buildings,  furniture, cars, boats, mathematical formulas, bridges, country roads, sunrises, rivers, ponds and ocean waves?

Who doesn’t want to hear beauty?  Beauty in songs and symphonies, male and female voices, bird song, rustling of leaves and sound of waves washing ashore?

Beauty has a mysterious charm.  You cannot define it but when you are open for beauty, you find it.

Look at these flowers.  They are modest, unknown, unlike their famous sisters roses, tulips and carnations.  How beautiful they are! How diverse in shape and form!  Do you agree?

To find beauty, you have to have beauty inside of you.  You have to value beauty and take the time to enjoy it.

Of course, you can live a decent life without the appreciation of beauty.  Many do that.  For them things are things and plants just plants.  The song of birds is a background noise similar to traffic noise.  And that is okay.  You are free to choose your thoughts.

Life has no preordained meaning.  Your life has the meaning that you give it.  The meaning that life has for you is determined by the way you look at life, how you interpret life.  I love the freedom we have, the freedom to choose our thoughts.

If you wish you can look for beauty.  You will find it everywhere.