Beauty Has Many Faces

When I found this photo of an old lady on the internet, I was compelled to save it for me, now I share it with you.  What beauty, what grace!

Take a good look at this photo – does it touch you?  Does it strike a chord with you? Does it remind you of someone you love?

This photo touches me, warms my heart.  It reminds me of both of my grandmothers who were beautiful and graceful as long as they lived.

Usually, when we speak of beauty, we think of children or teenagers or young adults. We can see beauty in all their faces because beauty HAS many faces.

At the beginning of our life – of each particular life – beauty is a gift.  As we mature and live our lives, the way we live – with kindness and joy or with anger and egotism – gets expressed in our faces.  The beauty we have been gifted at the beginning can stay or fade.

When you look at the photo of this old lady, you see kindness and grace, harmony and compassion.  A mirror of a life well lived!

Let us find in our hearts the kindness and compassion, the harmony and joy to live such good and fulfilling lives that our faces will show this beauty and grace at all stages of our lives! 

Beauty has many faces.