Balance – How Easy is it to Get into Balance?

Many people believe that having balance in life is an advantage.  They assume that if your life is in balance you are healthier, financially more stable and happier in your relationships than your fellow human beings who easily get out of balance.  At least, the media are full of pictures and stories of people who are out of balance and we shudder when we look at them.

If we cherish balance so, why don’t we cultivate it more?  Why are so many of us out of balance?

Is it because we think it is so difficult to get into balance and stay in balance?  Like trying to walk the tightrope?

Look at these stone creations at the Lake Ontario.  Someone walking along that lake one day noticed these stones and their interesting shapes.  He played around with them and put one stone on top of the other.  Then he might have been really taken with them and built some more.

He did this not for money.  Not out of duty.  Not to be given an award.  He did this just for fun.  Just to amuse himself.

Others who walked along that beach some hours or days later, must have been inspired by his stone creations and looked for even more bizarrely shaped stones and created even more extravagant designs.  What a challenge to keep those stones in balance!  What a reward to see them stay in balance!

When you look at this picture – are you not surprised to see how people could balance these stones so well?

What about yourself?  Don’t you want to be in balance? 

Getting into balance yourself is not particularly difficult if you really want it and if you are willing to walk with a bounce in your step. 

If you are fortunate enough to find an intuitive healer and therapist like myself – getting into balance is a pure pleasure!