Afraid of Thunderstorms?

It’s so hot right now in my town, at least I consider 93°F quite hot.  In Cairo, which I always considered a hot spot on planet earth, it is also “only” 93°F. Just as cozy as here.

I must admit, if I lived in Dubai/United Arab Emirates, I would have more reasons to complain. Right now, as I write this, it is 104°F there. Pretty hot, right? If I think about it: 93°F is  nothing to complain about. Stop being a sissy, Brigitte! The people in Dubai also survive.

As I looked at the weather forecast, I was delighted to see the possibilities of thunderstorms and cooler temperatures following them. I love thunderstorms. What about you? No? Are you perhaps afraid of thunderstorms?

Thunderstorms are known to be wild and dangerous. So what? Be prudent! You would not think of stepping in front of a bus coming your way in order to cross the street – you let the bus pass first. Use the same prudence with thunderstorms. Don’t stay outside during a thunderstorm, find shelter in your house or car. But when you are inside your house – oh wonder – watch the majestic spectacle unfold! Listen to the thunder, watch the lightning, feel the wind, watch the rain! Enjoy the thunderstorm instead of being afraid of it! It’s a majestic force of nature, awe-inspiring. And afterwards, enjoy the air, purged of built-up energy charges, so fresh and clean.

Still afraid of thunderstorms?

There are times in life when you have to step out of fear. There are times in life when you have to ask yourself the question: “Do I want to live a full and colorful life or do I want to continue hiding behind the bushes?”

Maybe this time has come for you. The time for courage. Yes, with prudence. The time to live – and not just to exist.

The time to enjoy majestic phenomena of nature, even the thunderstorms.


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