Brigitte Novalis – Healer, Therapist and Author

Since childhood she has been aware of her ability to bring peace and harmony into her environment.

Her love of nature, and concern for the planet led her to a career in environmental politics.  Her work resulted in the building of the first European recycling plant, setting into motion a shift in environmental awareness that began in Germany and spread throughout all of Europe.

Realizing that the problem of pollution is a mere symptom of the larger struggles in humanity, Brigitte Novalis turned her focus towards personal and spiritual development. She explored and studied the body-mind-soul connection with the conviction that large-scale shifts in humankind can only come from within and she became an accomplished therapist: Psychology, Clinical and . Most importantly, she has created her own healing system, the Multi-Level Transformation system.

She is also a motivational author and has written books, in both English and German, on helping people with things like connecting with nature, getting what you want from life and finding love.

But for her entire life, Brigitte has also been a fan of fairy stories.  Since her early childhood she marveled at the tales of dragons, princes and princesses living in faraway lands and castles.

Now, as she puts it, ‘joyfully and freely, as birds fly, my fairy-tales come into my mind, and I write them down for you.’

Brigitte now devotes a part of her time dreaming up adventures and writing fairy stories, complete with colorful characters and beautiful illustrations, which captivate adults and children alike.

You find her books at Amazon  and elsewhere.