A Happy Return – If You Wish!

There are places on earth, so beautiful or so meaningful to you that you really wish to return to them, as far as they may be from your home.  If you think of a happy return, you smile.  You gladly throw some cents into the fountain or pond thinking that maybe – maybe – this ceremony, this reverence to that place will somehow grant you a happy return.

Look at these goldfish – how excitedly and happily they swirl around in the clear water of the fountain.  They care less for the golden shimmering copper cents thrown into their water.  What they are looking for is food, some peaces of bread or fruit.  Maybe they also enjoy the attention of the people admiring them as the swim around.  They are aware of it.  Nature is aware.

What these goldfish are not aware of is your desire of a happy return.

If you are aware of such a desire – what can you do?

You can perform a little ceremony easily and joyfully.  As an intuitive healer and therapist, I prefer a lighthearted approach to the personal transformation of my clients.  If you actually stand in front of such a marvelous fountain and have a strong desire of a happy return, you can hold the cent in your hand for a while, check out in your mind if you truly believe that this can happen.  If yes, put all your joy and trust and gratitude for this beautiful place in the coin and throw it into the fountain.  This means, you let go of the desire.  You give it up to the higher forces.  Then go your merry way.

If you are far away from this beautiful place, you can do the whole ceremony in your mind.  In your mind you can go to all places.  In your mind you can create all things.  Wherever you are, you can create a happy return – even without throwing a coin into the fountain!