3 Keys to Great Relationships

Everyone wants to have great relationships. Don’t you agree? Do you also agree that many of us don’t have such great relationships?

When you look around you see people who are unhappy in their relationships.  Some feel lonely, some sad, some abandoned, some forsaken. These are not necessarily people who live all by themselves. They live with their parents, spouses, and friends. Although they are surrounded by people, oftentimes good people, they still feel lonely. There is more to great relationships than just having people in your life.

Most of us approach both life and relationships haphazardly. Although there is no map showing us how to live our lives or how to create enjoyable relationships, there are 3 keys inherent in great relationships. They are LOVE, RESPECT, and JOY.

Without mutual love, you cannot have great relationships. Without mutual respect, you cannot have great relationships. Even without joy you cannot have great relationships. Your relationships might work on some level but they will be dreary.  And who wants that?

Most of my healing work as a hypnotherapist and energy is dedicated to helping people with their relationships. With me, they heal their problems and change their attitudes.  As a result, they improve their existing relationships or create new enjoyable relationships because when you change your inner world, the outer world changes as well.

What about your relationships? Do you think there is room for improvement? Would you love to have great relationships? 

If so, read “Finding Love” and learn how to go about it! 

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If you want great relationships, you can have them. Learn how to use the 3 keys and see what happens.


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