2013 – New Year, New Light of Awareness

After the Big Shift of energies during winter solstice 2012, a new light of awareness illuminates our earth and all life on earth.  Welcome to this New Year!  Welcome to the new energies!

YOU are illuminated by this new light of awareness as well as your friends, your neighbors, the trees in your backyard, the flowers, and grass blades.  This new light of awareness illuminates your house, your street, your car – and all other houses, streets and cars.  It illuminates animals of fur, fins, and feathers.  It illuminates water, air, and soil.  It illuminates computers, and computer programs, and the internet.  It illuminates our world.

You might not be surprised when I tell you that not everyone will see or feel this new light of awareness.  There are those who willingly or unwillingly close their eyes, ears, and hearts to these new energies.  They will not experience this miracle.  Instead, they will look down at their feet as they have always done.  They will continue down the old path they have trotted all their lives.  They don’t look up to new horizons.  They are afraid.  God bless them!  They are also our brothers and sisters.  One day they will wake up to their greater truth.

Also, not every one of you will be consciously aware of this new light of awareness but you will feel it deep down in your heart.  You might catch yourself smiling more often.  Problems seem to get solved more easily.  Life becomes more pleasant.

For those of you who have their eyes, ears and hearts more open to this new light of awareness – be bold.  Dare to dream!  Dare to believe that your dreams will come true. People, events, and circumstances will come forward to help fulfill your dreams as you also help others fulfill their dreams.

Your greatest dreams will not be about yourself. Instead they will involve new ways of living and communicating with people, nature and the higher realms. Take heart!  Make miracles happen.  You are supported by this new light of awareness that illuminates our earth and all life on earth.